Quality Policy

The Quick Turtle company specialises in transportation services, particularly – but not only – in Southern Europe (Malta, Italy).

Our company’s mission is to effectively aid the development of enterprises that aspire to co-operate with foreign partners – participating in building a good brand for our country as a professional and respected business partner.

The goal of Quick Turtle is to provide the services of highest quality. All of our actions are subject to this absolute priority. We shall uncompromisingly follow the below objectives (quality goals):
•   Co-operating with the best, proven contractors.
•   Setting high quality thresholds for their services and not tolerating any deviations.
•   Taking care to raise the competences of our employees with respect to their work contributions to the company’s development.
•   Improving the management system in order to improve its effectiveness.

The management of the Quick Turtle company ensures the demonstration of full commitment and providing necessary resources in order to achieve these priorities.


Contact ul. Wodna 6
30-556 Kraków, PL
tel.: +48-(0)-12-3414982
fax: +48-(0)-12-3490994
e-mail: info@quickturtle.eu

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